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OPPO's open color vision detection technology: the accuracy of color discrimination is increased by

In January 2022, OPPO demonstrated the color vision detection technology developed by OPPO for people with color vision impairment at the Accessibility Technology Forum.

Data shows that at present, about 16% of the world's colorblind people are colorblind, of which about one in every 12 male users is colorblind, and one in every 200 women is colorblind. These users often encounter many problems in their daily life.

To this end, OPPO introduced the authoritative visual detection solution Munsell Chess into the system in response to the specific needs of users with color vision impairment, and combined this solution with the capabilities of the matrix mapping method to construct a set of algorithms that conform to human visual characteristics.

This technology, called "Thousands of People and Thousands of Screens" by OPPO, can determine which type of color weakness and color blindness the user belongs to, and improve the user's color discrimination ability from the original accuracy rate of about 20% to more than 80%.

The "Thousand People Thousand Screens" technology has been used for the first time on OPPO's new mobile phone Find X3 series.

Users of the Find X3 series can detect their color vision only through the "personalized color vision enhancement" that comes with the system. If the detection result is weak red, it means that the user's long cones are damaged and cannot perceive long wavelengths. Therefore, it is necessary to map the long-wave signal inside the screen to medium-wave and short-wave proportionally, so that the eyeball can perceive the red light, so that people with color deficiency can also have a standard color screen and experience the real color world.

In addition to this technology with thousands of people and thousands of screens, OPPO has also developed barrier-free functions such as barrier-free colors and voice subtitles for the visually impaired and hearing-impaired, and has established a complete set of related product testing and R&D systems.

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