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PICO releases new VR all-in-one PICO 4

On September 22, 2022, Pico, a VR brand owned by ByteDance, held a global launch event to officially release its new VR product, PICO 4. Pico was founded in March 2015 in Beijing, China, and was acquired by ByteDance in August 2021 as a technology company specializing in research, development, production, and sales of VR headset products, with a focus on VR all-in-one products.

In terms of design, PICO 4 is significantly slimmer, with the Pancake optical solution, its weight without straps and batteries is only 295g, the front of the headset becomes thinner, more ergonomic front and rear weight design, so that this product has a more comfortable wearing experience.

In the visual aspect, PICO 4 adopts ultra-high resolution 4K + display, PPI up to 1200, with 105 ° ultra-large field of view, support for electric pupil distance adjustment, and provides 90Hz high brush support; haptic and interaction, PICO 4 series of HyperSense vibration handle has been upgraded in all aspects, the overall use of the star ring arc column design, through the arc column placed in the Infrared sensor placed in the arc column, to achieve accurate head-hand 6DoF spatial positioning, equipped with a broadband linear motor, vibration feedback more realistic and delicate. Interaction, PICO 4 body is also equipped with four environmental tracking camera, can be high-precision tracking of the surrounding environment.

In terms of content, PICO 4 focuses on sports and fitness, video and entertainment scenarios to upgrade, first of all, sports and fitness scenarios, PICO 4 introduced the classic VR fitness application "Body Combat", and provides professional guidance from elite coaches. In terms of video, PICO also collaborated with Discovery's explorer and wilderness survival expert Ed Stafford to take users on 360-degree immersive visits to national parks in Africa; in VR entertainment, PICO 4 introduces classic works such as "Sword and Sorcery”.

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