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Red Flag develops prototype intelligent charging robot

On October 14, 2022, Red Flag's R&D department announced the successful test operation of a prototype of Red Flag's first prototype intelligent charging robot. Red Flag, a brand of cars produced by Chinese automaker FAW, is the first state-owned car manufacturer in China, founded in 1953.

According to the information released, the company integrates prototype intelligent charging robot, robotic arms, automation technology, and a highly reliable vision system in an all-scene complex environment, combined with robot control technology, to provide a safe and reliable set of solutions, according to the company.

According to Red Flag, the prototype intelligent charging robot

can perform automatic gun insertion charging tasks for electric vehicles. After receiving a charging command, the charging robot independently plans its travel route, has an automatic cover-opening function, accurately inserts the charging gun at the end of its robotic arm into the charging port of the new energy electric vehicle to be charged through a visual recognition system, automatically completes the insertion charging, and automatically returns to its original location after the charging is complete. When the charging process is complete, the robot can automatically return to its original location to recharge or enter standby mode.

It also has a built-in laser and infrared obstacle detection function to automatically avoid obstacles. Red Flag's prototype intelligent charging robot is free from traditional charging methods and cable ties, and can charge intelligently with a single click through the client. In addition, charging does not require infrastructure development, breaks through spatial constraints, and a single charging robot can charge multiple electric vehicles in a parking lot.

In the future, Red Flag's prototype intelligent charging robot

will be combined with low power DC charging, wireless charging, high power charging, and other charging methods as part of the charging solution, according to Red Flag.

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