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Segway’s mowing robot: Navimow

On September 2nd, 2021, Segway held a new product launch conference at its Beijing headquarters, officially releasing a new product for home service smart lawn mower- the Navimow. This is an ultra-quiet and borderless intelligent lawn mower that is the first to realize commercial applications on a global scale.

The name of “Navimow” is derived from the combination of "navigation" and "mowing" in English, which means that this is a product born from the combination of Segway's robot navigation technology and the lawn mower market.

According to reports, this intelligent lawn mower robot uses the EFLS (Exact Fusion Locating System) fusion positioning system independently developed by Segway, which allows the robot to achieve centimeter-level precise positioning in the garden by fusing various sensor information.

Based on this technology, users can establish a virtual boundary for the garden through the mobile app, without installing boundary lines in the yard, and the operation is more convenient. With the "bow"- shaped planning cutting path, and the breakpoint continuous cutting function, it can effectively avoid Repeated cutting greatly improves the efficiency of mowing. Compared with the traditional lawn mowing robot products currently on the market, it not only improves the work efficiency, but also optimizes the cost of mowing to a great extent. Compared with the traditional mowing machine, it saves an average of 1.5 to 4 hours. On the same grass, the mowing efficiency is increased by 6 times.

According to statistics, there are lawn families in the United States, and the average time spent on lawn maintenance is more than two hours each time. The single cost of asking someone to maintain the lawn is 40-80 US dollars, and the annual expenditure is more than 1,000 US dollars. In Europe, because The labor cost is high, and this figure is even higher. The Segway intelligent lawn mower directly saves the trouble of wire embedding, and a mobile phone can complete the machine deployment, which greatly reduces labor and operation and maintenance costs.

The company has introduced four models, for lawns ranging from 500 square meters to 3,000 square meters. All cut lawns from 30-60 millimeters on a maximum slope of 45 degrees. During its runtime, the robot uses its smart navigation system and intricately plans the most effective cutting route. When necessary, it can make changes in direction to create a systematic pattern. In addition, Navimow also integrates a variety of other sensor information to assist positioning, such as inertial navigation, odometer, geomagnetic information, differential barometer, etc., and it can operate stably even when the satellite signal is temporarily weak. Its original blade stop technology can better protect playful cute babies or pets. It is also equipped with an ultrasonic sensor, which can perceive the surrounding environment in real-time, avoid obstacles safely and avoid collisions.

Segway stated that the highest decibel when Navimow is in use is only 54 decibels, which is lower than most 60 decibels in the industry and 4 decibels lower than the currently lowest level of 58 decibels in the market. The company has introduced four models, for lawns ranging from 500 square meters to 3,000 square meters. All cut lawns from 30-60 millimeters on a maximum slope of 45 degrees. The Navimow H500E the cheapest and designed for lawns up to around 5,400 square feet; it’s priced at 1,199 euro ($1,450) and has WiFi connectivity. The Navimow H800E, H1500E, and H3000E range in price from 1,499 euro ($1,800) to 2,499 euro ($3,000) with increasing battery sizes for bigger lawns; they also include 4G data connections and the GPS anti-theft system. It is expected to be launched globally in March 2022.

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