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SenseTime launches AI chess playing robot "SenseRobot"

In August 2022, Shangtang Technology (SenseTime group Ltd.)

launched its first home consumer artificial intelligence product, SenseRobot, an AI chess robot. The product is certified by the Chinese Chess Association, which integrates traditional chess culture with artificial intelligence technology. It can accompany children in their studies and evaluate their chess skills.

The AI chess robot SenseRobot is priced at approximately $350 for the PRO version and $280 for the Standard version.

SenseRobot offers a variety of modes, including AI Learning Chess, Stalemate Challenge, Chess Power, and Peak Challenge, to introduce and explain chess culture, rules, and techniques of each piece to children, starting at the "basic" level. It also features more than 100 game settings and 26 levels of chess strength, allowing players to experience a real game of chess.

SenseRobot is represented as a small "astronaut" with hands and eyes, the hands being robotic arms and the eyes being cameras equipped with SenseTime's AI vision technology.

Embedded in the head of "SenseRobot" is a display that can show the current operating status and game status. SenseRobot" is also a talking robot that can adjust its volume by turning a knob on the left side of its body.

The SenseRobot has two cameras, with the camera on top of the head used to "see the whole picture," and is equipped with a visual AI algorithm that identifies the position and changes of pieces on the board. The camera on the neck is used for player recognition and QR code recognition, and can input information about players and the network, as well as store learning and play progress for each family member.

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