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SEVNCE ROBOTICS Inspection robot on display at ICIF China 2023

On September 4, 2023 China International Chemical Industry Exhibition (ICIF China) was held in Shanghai. It is reported that the exhibition focuses on the current petroleum and chemical industry products, materials and technical equipment, and is one of the important annual events in China's petrochemical industry.

SEVNCE ROBOTICS company in the exhibition showed the following three core products: explosion-proof chemical wheeled inspection robot, explosion-proof chemical wheeled inspection robot, explosion-proof chemical quadruped robot.

It is understood that the petroleum and chemical enterprises in the production of high temperature and high pressure, flammable and explosive, toxic and hazardous and other high-risk production processes, while the plant environment is usually more complex, there are many inspection points in the high altitude and narrow space, relying on manpower inspection is often inefficient, prone to omission, wrong inspection and so on.

Therefore, SEVNCE ROBOTICS for the actual needs of different petrochemical companies, through the combination of multi-morphic robots three-dimensional inspection system, to expand the monitoring surface to more complex terrain, to facilitate customers to carry out a full range of high-efficiency inspection work.

The explosion-proof chemical wheeled inspection robot has been upgraded in appearance and functional algorithms, which can adapt to richer application scenarios and penetrate into narrow application scenes. And with waterproof and dust-proof function, it can run stably in rain, snow, lightning and other humid environments and high temperature difference, and can adapt to most of the daily inspection scenarios and extreme weather conditions. But part of the factory there are bumps, rugged road conditions, explosion-proof chemical wheeled inspection robot is equipped with a high-precision suspension system, with shock-absorbing function, to ensure stable operation and accurate detection in the bumpy roads, slopes and other environments.

Explosion-proof chemical quadruped robot maximum load of 50KG, can be in the stairs, steps, gaps, obstacles, narrow spaces and other complex road movement. In addition, as a highly intelligent AI product, this product can realize autonomous unmanned inspection, and is more adaptable to perform inspection tasks in various complex scenarios of chemical plants.

Explosion-proof chemical quadruped robot is suitable for some stairs and other complex environments, can run freely, and can intelligently set inspection routes, bypass obstacles, and carry out wider coverage and more detailed inspection work on the factory.

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