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Smart&funhome’s smart mattress

Data show that this year, the market size of China's sleep industry is expected to reach more than 400 billion yuan, and is expected to exceed one trillion in 2030. Among many sleep aid products, hardware products such as smart mattresses have a lot of popularity among insomnia groups. The “2020 China Sleep Index Report" shows that more than 40% of the respondents expect the mattress to relax their spine, and 38% expect the mattress to automatically adjust to support their sleeping posture. A survey conducted by the Prospective Industry Research Institute also shows that: 38.3% of consumers hope that in the future there will be a mattress that automatically adjusts and supports the best sleeping position, and 27.2% of consumers hope that the mattress can automatically monitor the sleep cycle. Obviously, traditional mattresses cannot meet these requirements.

When the technology and cost of smart mattresses are finally matched with the demand, it will usher in the accelerated development of the smart mattress market.Entering 2020, China's smart mattress market has clearly entered an acceleration period. The smart mattress developed by smart & funhome introduced this time is the one that has attracted more attention in the Chinese mattress market. The sells price is about $2200. It mainly has four core functions: First, the soothing and sleep aid section, the three core parts of the neck, waist and legs can enjoy 8 adjustable sleep massage modes, combined with the built-in sleep aid music in the mattress, to create a comfortable sleeping atmosphere. At the same time, we also use high-end international quality materials. , There are skin-friendly fabrics of OEKO-TEX EU standards, German Suprelle dust-proof and mite-proof fabrics, and Talalay vacuum technology process Thai natural latex, in order to ensure high-quality sleep comfort.

The second is the sleep monitoring section. The mattress has a unique "double partition" monitoring system for a bed, using high-tech sleep monitoring chips and intelligent algorithms to monitor the user's breathing rate, deep sleep duration, heart rate, sleep duration, REM rapid eye movement, Six indicators of physical activity, and the production of sleep reports through APP, help us improve the quality of sleep.

The third section is life and entertainment before going to bed. Mattress interactive entertainment is another main technology system. The original intelligent sound wave mode, the mattress built-in high-fidelity dual-channel audio, multi-point vibration band, surround stereo expansion and high color rendering LED lighting, through the combination of sound effects, meet the entertainment needs of users in different scenarios, such as 4D concerts, 4D movies, 4D games, etc. In addition to the core functions, there are smart night lights, smart alarm clocks and other intimate functions.

The fourth section is to realize the intelligent interaction of the app. The app is not only the controller of the mattress, but also an interactive community, and at the same time carries the function of OTA upgrade of the system.

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