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Smart Pet Products Brand UAH

The pet industry is fiercely competitive, but under the general trend from a new generation of pet owners to family pets and the need for more sophisticated and intelligent pet ownership, UAH, a Shenzhen-based pet brand company founded in 2019, has integrated "scientific" pet ownership The concept permeates products and services in all scenarios. Based on animal behavior and animal genetic data, we have developed and launched scenario-based products that fully respect the nature of animals. We have launched more than 10 innovative products and an active international market.

UAH has established a research and development science center. Its members include a number of industry experts such as biology doctors, animal behavior trainers, animal nutritionists, and animal doctors. They have rich scientific research transformation in the fields of genetic science, biological genetic algorithm, animal behavior science, etc. Experience, which fundamentally guarantees the market competitiveness of products.

Below are three UAH products.

Cat toilet intelligent odor purifier: odorless cover, odor purifier module has a highly sensitive bio-sensing system that can accurately identify the moment a cat enters or exits and completely decomposes the odor. When the cat goes to the toilet, the undisturbed state is activated; after the cat leaves, the odor is activated and disinfection becomes more efficient.

Intelligent Vacuum Food Storage Bucket: Intelligent constant pressure technology automatically and intelligently evacuates the bucket at the touch of a button to prevent moisture-induced pet food spoilage, mold and aflatoxin growth. The bucket itself is made from the baby-grade food material Dense Amine, safe, non-toxic, antibacterial, non-cleaning, non-greasy, and relatively fragile.

Delicious Insects: The entire "hunting game machine" consists of smart insects, snack boxes, insect nests and has the ability to automatically tease cats. When the cat "catch" the insect, the game console randomly drops a treat, allowing the cat to get positive feedback about hunting. This is a semi-interactive game console that automatically stops the game 5-10 minutes after the game starts. The owner will need to reboot and add food. While training the cat's self-discipline, it also strengthens its positive relationship with its owner.

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