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Smart robot pony of XPeng

September 7, 2021, XPeng announced that XPeng Robotics, a company in its ecosystem, is unveiling a smart robot pony called Little White Dragon that it hopes will become the first smart vehicle for children.This is a four-legged robot which is about one meter high with a shape similar to a pony and a head shape similar to an intelligent robot. It is said that it can be ridden by children aged 3-6.XPeng said that the smart robot pony can meet the riding needs of children, and can also be an assistant for short-distance transportation in life, and complete tasks such as transport items while picking up groceries, shopping. However, the smart robot pony has not yet announced specific parameters, and there is no time and pre-sale price for mass production.

XPeng introduced that this smart robot pony is equipped with a car-level intelligent driving system, which can recognize the environment and objects through the LiDAR and camera, plan the paths, and has autonomous movement, target following, and automatic obstacle avoidance functions.

It has powerful voice interaction, face and voice recognition, can express emotions through the face screen, and has tactile perception. In addition, the smart robot pony also has voice interaction, face and voiceprint recognition capabilities, supports chat, face recognition, and can also display expressions and actions.It is able to rationalize its charging schedule and return to the charging stand autonomously to recharge when it is low on power.

It is worth noting that many Chinese technology giants and car companies are currently racing to launch their own bionic robots, including Baidu and Huawei.The deep integration of robot development and autonomous driving technology companies stems from their similarities in many technical logics—both are powered by batteries, driven by electric motors, and software parts are also based on artificial intelligence technology. This also explains why at about the same time, the entrepreneurs of smart electric vehicles all began to join the robotics industry.In fact, this is not the first time that XPeng Motors has expanded around the field of smart cars. At the 2020 Beijing Auto Show, XPeng Motors debuted its first flying car Traveler, and at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, it released the second-generation flying car.

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