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Smart4u smart helmet

Smart4u, a sports and culture technology company founded in Shenzhen, China in 2016, launched a smart helmet equipped with Huawei's HarmonyOS system in August 2022, with smart lights and fall alarms, retailing for about $30.

The helmet has a built-in HarmonyOS system tag, turn on the Bluetooth and NFC of the mobile phone, and touch the helmet tag to quickly connect to the helmet. Through the mobile APP, you can not only check the power, set and switch the light mode, adjust the light brightness, set the emergency contact, but also open the Automatic switch mode, the user does not need to repeat the operation after opening, pick up the helmet and automatically wake up, take off the helmet and let it stand for 5 minutes and automatically sleep.

The helmet's intelligent light-sensing device allows the taillight to automatically adjust its brightness according to the intensity of ambient light. Also has an automatic brake warning light, when the sensor detects the user deceleration tail light automatically high light, reduce the risk of tailgating.

The helmet uses Smart4u's fall alarm patent, when a fall accident, the helmet will automatically open the fall alarm and SOS distress function, the accurate positioning information will be sent in advance to the preset emergency contacts. Helmet liner coating new nano-composite materials, with anti-virus, self-killing, anti-bacterial and odor-suppressing functions. It uses magnetic charging interface design, charging 2 hours, can support standby 180 hours and 36 hours of battery life.

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