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Speediance: Personal All-In-One Home Gym

Founded in 2020 Shenzhen, SPEEDIANCE is a promising high-tech startup that aims to manufacture a series of intelligent fitness products with highly valuable content, which is to create a scientific fitness culture and innovating smart fitness scenarios for home gym users.

Through the mode of “hardware + content + AI personal education + community”, it’s built as smart home fitness equipment with strength training. Gym Monster, “Home Folding All-in-One Trainer”, was first launched on Kickstarter on November 9, raised to 560,000 US dollars thanks to the support from backers all over the world.

Speediance is an all-in-one AI-powered home gym with four power modes, 21.5-inch touch screen, and smart accessories to target different muscle groups. This space-saving, foldable home gym eliminates costly, bulky equipment and helps you efficiently achieve your fitness goals.

Speediance has a powerful intelligent algorithm which takes fitness away from boring numbers and weights.Dynamic weights will bring a revolutionary experience. The weight changes along with your heartbeat, and posture correction is available.

Speediance is not limited to strength training. The system includes a variety of workout programs developed by experts including shaping, weight loss, yoga, stretching and more for specialized full-body fitness.

Speediance users will experience meticulous services,schedule their workouts, exercise freely and track workout results.

The users can view all your workout records, reports, courses, etc. on the machine on your phone.

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