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Tencent Announces Digital Human Generation Service

On April 25, 2023, the Chinese IT giant Tencent, announced the launch of its digital human generation platform, AI+ Digital Intelligent Human Factory.

This platform is a solution that Tencent Cloud has derived through AI for digital humans. Tencent has achieved the submission of a small number of sample data for AI training, including 3 minutes of realistic mouth video and 100 sentences of audio material, based on the number-wise man, a leading-edge technology framework and a universal multimodal model, to approximate the image and voice of a real person .The production cycle is shortened to the order of days.

The cost of generating digital humans for corporate clients will be approximately $3000, while the cost for individuals will be reduced by using only still images, and will be offered at approximately $150.

According to Tencent, the digital human supports both half-body and full-body image display, flexibly adjusts gestures according to content, and also supports changing the recording background at will.

Compared to the 2D digital human, the digital intelligence does not require a specialized studio to record the material and is less expensive. Compared to photo-generated digital humans, which can only show the face, digital humans can be designed based on text for gestures, lip movements, mouth shapes, and facial expressions to replicate the style of real people.

Currently, Tencent's cloud platform incorporates more than 10 AI algorithm functions. In the future, users will be able to complete large batches of image and tone customization between digital humans by importing video and audio training materials in the platform, without the need for algorithms or R&D experience.

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