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Tencent Hunyuan AI Large Model Starts Internal Testing

Aug 03, 2023,Tencent said that it has started internal testing of its self-developed artificial intelligence (AI) model, which is now being integrated with a number of internal services and products.Multiple Tencent business units have also integrated the Tencent "Hunyuan" AI Large Model for testing.

In terms of specific features, in addition to the more common chat conversations, Tencent Hunyuan AI Large Model has set up a section called ‘Inspiration Discovery’, focusing on content creation. According to the guidelines, employees can use AI to generate copywriting for promoting products , short video scripts, community marketing copywriting, and WeChat Moments posts. It also supports different styles of ‘drawing’ modes such as cyberpunk style, pixel illustration style, mosaic style, etc.

In addition, as a general-purpose large model, Tencent “Hunyuan” AI Large Model also encompasses diverse scenarios, such as: in the ‘work’ scenario, employees can write emails, interview outlines, PPT outlines, research questionnaires, etc.; in the ‘programming’ scenario, employees can experience domain name recommendations, code generation and interpretation, SQL statement generation, etc.; in the ‘life’ scenario, employees can create travel plans or fitness programs or food guides.

In addition to supporting text input, Tencent “Hunyuan” AI Large Model can also be used with voice input.

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