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Tencent’s robots Ollie upgrades wheel-legged robot with new tactile sensor

On September 9, 2022, Tencent Robotics X Lab announced the latest research progress of the robot Ollie.

Tencent Robotics X Lab said that for the first time, technicians applied tactile sensors to a wheel-legged robot, allowing Ollie to have a keen "tactile interaction" after the upgrade.

According to Tencent, the wheel-legged robot integrates several cutting-edge mobile control technologies and represents key breakthroughs in fields such as motion planning, balance and stability, and human-computer interaction.The Robotics X Lab has innovatively integrated a tactile sensor with Ollie. The sensor, which was jointly developed by the lab and Tsinghua University, adopts a new piezoresistive material with ultra-high sensitivity, ultra-large range, ultra-fast response speed and ultra-high cycle stability.

The new tactile sensor enables Ollie to use its own “skin” to get a feel for the world, can identify materials by touch and respond in different ways. With tactile support, combined with stable agile ability, Ollie can handle difficult tasks such as head balance and handling spherical objects.

At the moment, Ollie is still in the development stage. In the future, based on the mobility of the wheeled robot, Tencent will build modules with various functions such as sensors and loads to further improve the robot performance.

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