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Tencent’s the second-generation quadruped robot Max

In August 2022, Tencent officially released the second generation of Max robot. Compared with the "first generation" of Jamoca, Max is capable of completing difficult movements such as rotational stepping, single-pile jumping and double-wheel standing on wooden piles, and the speed of crossing piles has increased by four times.

According to Tencent, Max is a multimodal quadruped robot developed by Tencent Robotics X Laboratory, which adopts the original leg-wheel integrated body design. Compared with the first-generation Max, the second-generation Max achieves technological innovation in visual perception, trajectory planning and motion control.

According to the introduction, the biggest breakthrough of the second-generation Max is the ability to plan in advance for a feasible and precise stepping passage method on complex terrain, which is the first breakthrough in China. Tencent Robotics X Lab is also using deep reinforcement learning and other AI technologies to advance robot intelligence research, allowing robots to learn independently in virtual environments and better adapt to changes in complex environments.

In the test video released by the lab, the test scenario set up for the second-generation Max, Max can quickly pass an array of wooden piles of 10 meters in length and 0.8 meters in height (about twice the height of Max) with high and low levels. In addition, the second-generation Max can also bounce and flip from top to bottom on the stake, and quickly resume walking on all four feet after landing, showing the balance control and bounce with performance.

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