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Tencent unveils Hunyuan foundation AI model for enterprises

Chinese tech giant Tencent unveiled its own large-scale language model called Hunyuan at its annual Global Digital Ecosystem Summit event in Shenzhen on September 7, 2023. It is open to domestic Chinese companies to test and build apps through APIs on the company's cloud business, Tencent Cloud .

Companies will be able to access Hunyuan through Tencent's public cloud platform and fine-tune it to their specific needs.

Tencent's underlying model will support a wide range of functions, including image creation, copywriting, text recognition, and customer service. Future applications are expected in key areas such as finance, public services, social media, e-commerce, transportation, and gaming.

By using Hunyuan, it can build a powerful tool and foster its own large-scale models from Model as a Service (MaaS), which Tencent first launched in June this year. Covering more than 20 key industries with more than 50 solutions, MaaS will provide organizations with economically viable industry-specific large-scale language models.The company says it will create a virtuous cycle in which companies use Hunyuan to refine their large-scale language models and create their own intelligent services across their operations.

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