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Townew smart touchless self-changing trash can

Townew is a technology company founded in Shanghai in 2014. Many smart bins on the market today only have the sensing part of the smart switch, but townew has launched a number of smart bins with automatic bag exchange as the core function. We realize packaging and solve the problem of daily garbage disposal without contact.

Townew's trash can can be packed and sealed with just one button operation, which can be firmly sealed, avoiding the problem that traditional trash cans need to be hand-packed and cannot be sealed. After the packaging is completed, the new garbage bags are automatically laid in the trash can, and the laying is uniform, avoiding a series of tedious operations such as finding bags and bagging the traditional trash cans.

The intelligent induction opening and closing has a quick response of 0.3 seconds. It uses a 18650 lithium battery, which is light and environmentally friendly. The latest series can stand by for up to 80 days.

Townew subverts the traditional point-and-click garbage bag, realizes uninterrupted automatic and continuous bag change, hides the box design, and puts the garbage bag into it. Excessive garbage beyond the mouth of the bucket, townew's built-in program will automatically sense the location of the garbage, adapt to the height of the garbage, and extend the length of the garbage bag for packaging. The non-breakpoint garbage bag shows its advantages here.

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