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Unmanned heavy-duty platform Qomolo ONE

An unmanned logistics truck can be assembled into an unmanned bus with a total length of 14 meters in 6 minutes. This is a cross-scenario unmanned heavy-duty mobile platform released by Westwell, an artificial intelligence company in Shanghai, on November 6. Qomolo ONE can be used in unmanned operation scenarios under various special needs such as special fire protection, ore transportation, and mobile offices in the future.

Westwell independently developed the first true full-time unmanned electric heavy truck Q-Truck three years ago. In Abu Dhabi, UAE, Q-Truck pioneered the world's first "autonomous driving commercialized operation" model, using AI product as a service (AIaaS) to help the port's digital and intelligent transformation to achieve a light start.

Qomolo ONE continues the Q-Truck's concept of completely "removing the cab", implements a modular design, an interch angeable and expandable chassis platform, and realizes user scenario customization. An unmanned driving platform provides multiple uses. Westwell introduced that the product was aimed at the dual needs of cargo and manned at the beginning of its design. Through the rapid skateboarding of the loading compartment of the entire vehicle, a more flexible adaptation scheme can be achieved, and modularity and upgradeability can be realized.

The appearance of Qomolo ONE continues the Lego-style vehicle design concept. The body is made of aerospace-grade lightweight aluminum alloy. The infinite perception LED interactive screen can display vehicle decision-making and status information in real time. According to Xijing Technology, Qomolo ONE adopts a new generation of fusion sensing architecture, equipped with self-developed ultra-long line-of-sight high-precision industrial-grade binocular cameras, lidars, millimeter-wave radars and other combined sensors to perceive the surrounding working conditions in 360 degrees. Relying on the self-developed deep learning engine and edge computing platform, ultra-highspeed intelligent path planning calculations and the V2X intelligent collaboration system for beyond-horizon road conditions endow Qomolo ONE with unmanned driving capabilities, making the actual operation process more flexible. Centimeter-level precision fusion positioning realizes accurate docking in one operation in business scenarios, and supports unmanned automatic charging, automatic loading and unloading and other tasks.

Qomolo ONE has a maximum speed of 85km/h, with a rated power of 150KW and a peak power of 250KW, which can achieve a maximum traction of 70 tons. Westwell introduced that Qomolo ONE uses solid-state batteries, an aluminum alloy frame and a pure electric mobile platform, and reduces 50% reduction in the entire life cycle. The main and auxiliary battery system can complete 100% fast charging within 1 hour, and the auxiliary battery can be exchanged in 6 minutes through a simple battery exchange process, and achieve a cruising range of more than 200km. Westwell also announced that it will simultaneously launch driverless battery swap services in specific scenarios in four countries around the world.

Westwell is also working with port customers and logistics companies to gradually gather shippers, shipowners, and the LOOPO Robust platform. The LOOPO Robust platform is a standardized online logistics SaaS built by Westwell that focuses on artificial intelligence algorithms and industry model analysis to match the container logistics industry. Platform, thereby optimizing the resource allocation and capacity network of containers, and ultimately improving logistics efficiency.

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