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Xiaomi : Face recognition smart door lock

Xiaomi announced the launch of a new smart door lock, Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock. This door lock is Xiaomi's most high-end smart door lock, and it is also Xiaomi's first smart door lock equipped with 3D structured light. The price is about 450 US dollars.

This door Lock adopts a new 3D structured light face recognition module, which combines speckle projector, infrared fill light, RGB camera, photosensitive sensor, distance sensor, and infrared camera into a new 3D structured light. The recognition module can effectively realize 3D live detection and prevent 2D photo and video cracking.It has a large recognition area, covering a height of 1.3 meters to 2 meters, and the best face recognition distance is also 0.4 meters to 0.8 meters. Children don't need to step on their feet, adults don't need to bend over, and the elderly don't need to care about fingerprint wear, all of which can trigger the recognition sensor.

Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock X is equipped with 8 unlocking methods including 3D face recognition, NFC, fingerprint, password, mechanical key, mobile phone Bluetooth and HomeKit to cope with various unlocking habits.

The speckle projector converts 25,000 invisible.The light spot is projected on the face area and drawn into a unique face spectrum; the infrared lens reads the face spectrum information, encrypts the facial feature data and sends it to an independent chip, and the local matching operation is not transmitted through the network, which is more secure. The infrared camera in the 3D structured light module can also capture facial information under dark light conditions to quickly complete face recognition.Even if the corridor is dark, it can be unlocked instantly.

The Xiaomi face recognition smart door lock is equipped with a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen, and you can see the door lock status in real time when using it. When a visitor rings the doorbell, if no one is at home, a remote video intercom can be initiated. After the connection is established, the owner can talk on the mobile phone.

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Thank you so much for sharing the mechanism of remote smart face recognition door lock, i think all the car key fobs work on such mechanisms. I learned a lot of things from this post and i am surely going to use it while working on those remote door locks as well as remote fobs also. Those who are going to work as a locksmith or a beginner must see this video and make use of it.


Technology has been so advanced that you don't need any key to unlock the door. Just put your face in front of the door and it will get unlocked. I also install those doors in my new apartment by contacting a locksmith.

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