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Xiaomi released MIJIA intelligent audio glasses

On April 10, 2023, Xiaomi released a smart audio glasses.

According to the official introduction of Xiaomi, MIJIA smart audio glasses are quite unique in design, realizing the combination of glasses and headphones, ensuring the functionality of the glasses themselves while taking into account the audio experience.

According to Xiaomi, this headset is ergonomically designed, weighs 38.1 grams, and is dust-proof and waterproof for electronic products.

Compared with the traditional in-ear headphones, open headphones are not only more natural to wear, but also can do not block the outside world sound, to avoid the impact of sound insulation and safety.

In addition, the open headset design also avoids in-ear headphones in the long-term wear, the possible existence of ear canal hygiene problems.

MIJIA Smart Audio Glasses Equipped with dual-microwave beam AI call noise reduction algorithm, intelligent enhanced call effect voice conferencing, answering calls, restore the tone, stable and clear.

Continuity, MIJIA smart audio glasses support all-day battery life, providing 7 hours of continuous calls, 10 hours of continuous listening to music, 22 hours of daily life, standby life of more than a week.

MIJIA smart audio glasses will go on sale on April 12, priced at about $115.


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