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Xiaomi Sound: Smart speaker with Harman Kardon cooperation

Xiaomi announced what it called its first high-end smart speaker Xiaomi Sound on August 2021. It has a tank-shaped body with transparent elements and a floating touch top cover that offers 360° omnidirectional sound. It has a built-in 2.25 inch neodymium iron boron dual magnetic circuit 12W full 12W frequency unit, equipped with a 54x44mm dual suspension passive radiator, which can reach a maximum sound pressure of 90dB. Xiaomi Sound is available in two colors of silver and black,and the metal quality is sufficient. it arrives with a fairly decent price tag of 499 yuan ($77).

The speaker has Harman Golden Ear tuning, Hi-Res certification, and the computing audio technology can achieve dynamic tuning based on dynamic calculations of 330 times per second. For example, the new “Nightingale Algorithm” can dynamically adjust high and low frequencies at all levels of volume. Even if users listen to songs at low volume at night, they can get full sound quality. It has Vinyl Classic texture.

Another interesting feature is that the speaker supports two interconnections,combined stereo, and even 8 interconnections.That means you can link up to eight different speakers together which can then be placed at different locations to achieve a robust sound experience. Apart form Bluetooth connectivity, the smart speaker also supports Ultra-Wide-Band(UWB) connectivity.

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