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Xiaomi Unveils Modular Robot

On September 27, 2022, Xiaomi's fall launch event unveiled a modular robot that users can freely assemble, emotionally interact with, program, and stylize, priced at about $500.

Compared to Xiaomi's previous two robots, this modular robot actually looks more like a toy. In fact, the robot does not have a fixed appearance, but is composed of many modules that can be freely combined by the user to form any desired appearance.

Xiaomi's modular robot incorporates visual recognition, gesture recognition, motion detection, and touch sensing modules and an ARM architecture processor.

Xiaomi's modular robots support both motion programming and graphical programming.

Motion programming allows hand-break motion programming, no code is required, and key movements such as movement speed, angle, and trajectory can be recorded by simply turning the robot's joints to complete the desired sequence of movements.

Graphical programming has a simple and intuitive graphical programming interface that enables more complex functions and actions by dragging and dropping command modules to accommodate interactions such as handshakes, selfies, AR feeding, games, dancing, quizzes, etc.

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