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Memory assist device using Google Glass with latest face recognition


・ As the population ages, the number of people with amnesia is increasing
・ A common symptom of amnesia is that you can't remember the names and relationships from the faces of people you have met
・ The ordinary remedy is to take a picture or attach a notepad to help memorize

Appeal point
・Google Glass + Face & Object Recognition → Memory Aid → Supports Daily Life & Activities

Anti-tailing AB-Door

  Data Indexing successfully developed the high-performance and high-accuracy AB-Door anti-tailing detector by adopting the advanced intelligent video analysis algorithm. This product's high quality and high security are achieved by the combination with the advanced finger print/vein authentication and AB-Door control technology, which is able to meet the demands of various customers who need highly secured gate completely preventing tailing problem.

Visitor Counting System

  Data Indexing's VCS is a system of visitor counting, statistics and analysis, which is based on the intelligent video analysis technology. It adopts the originally developed computer visual algorithm as well as the available mature information technology & resource to realize the realtime two-way counting with high accuracy. Moreover, the system has the functions of statistics, analysis and reports for the visitor counting data, which can meet the demands of all sorts of clients.

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